Hello there! 

My name is Leah Longueville and Iā€™m a design nerd with a love for branding and visual storytelling. I graduated with a bachelors in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications, and spent the past decade of my career in the travel and tourism industry while also freelance designing on the side. After years of balancing the two, I decided to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship by launching my own company - thus, Yallow Creative was born. 

Yallow Creative is an entirely female-led business that, like many women, is the wearer of many hats. Services include social media, graphic design, branding, product photography, event assistance and much more. My clients range from boutique restaurants to non-profit agencies, including businesses both big and small. I love the opportunity to form relationships with business owners, dive into their story and use those details to carefully craft a brand that resonates with them and connects with their audience.

I live in Champaign, Illinois with my husband Adam, our baby Lillian, and our two cats Bandit and Bella. On the side, I run a small apparel company, Polished Prints, that produces handmade children's apparel. I'm passionate about modern design, all things motherhood, collaborating with other creatives and helping businesses to find their voice, so they can share their story with the world.